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President Barack Obama

Vergeet niet wat je mij schrijft!
Het staat zwart op wit in de e-mail ondertekent door Barack Obama himself. De Obama campagne wenst geen geld te ontvangen van ‘Washington lobbyists’ en ‘special interest PACs’. Dit is voor hem van essentieel belang wil hij zijn principes niet verloochenen en vast kunnen houden aan gemaakte politieke keuzes. Bijvoorbeeld de keuze en de belofte om Washington te veranderen.

van Barack Obama <>
aan Dirk Olsthoorn <>
datum 28 dec. 2007 19:32
onderwerp Desperation

Attack ads and insults, distractions and dishonesty, and millions of dollars from outside groups and undisclosed donors.

The Washington establishment is throwing everything at us to try and block our path. And these outside attack groups are just another part of the same broken system that turns people off from the political process.

We chose to do this differently.

They said we couldn’t compete without taking money from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs.

But you proved them wrong when we raised more small donations from more Americans than any other campaign in history — more than 465,000 donors and counting.

They said we couldn’t be successful if we didn’t have the full support of the establishment in Washington.

But you proved them wrong when we built a grassroots movement that could forever change the face of American politics.

In less than a week, you have a chance to prove the cynics wrong once and for all.

This has always been an improbable journey, but here in Iowa people are feeling the same sense of urgency you and I share.

We can do this.

We can triumph over what Washington said was inevitable.